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Q: What do we do about drinks?
A: We are an unlicensed venue which means you bring your own alcohol and soft drinks. We don’t charge corkage! This is a huge saving for you versus other venues! The drinks can be delivered the day before your wedding, saving room in your car.

Q: Can we have more than 40 at the wedding?
A: Yes! The beautiful Belle Époque Orangerie can sit 64 people. If children are dining with the adults, then your total number cannot exceed 64. Alternatively, children can have a Pizza party in the cinema room supervised by Babysitters. This means that you can have up to 64 adults at the wedding and as many children up and above the 64 as you like.

Q: Are children at a reduced price?
A: Everyone is included in your numbers, apart from babies under the age of 12 months. Any children staying at Branxholm Park are included in the main group of 40 people so are not ‘extras’ on the day. Extra children who are visiting on the wedding day are £75 if 12 or over. If under 12 and eating the regular wedding meal in the Orangerie, they are also £75. If they are under 12 and eating off our children’s menu, then we just Charge £35. Childminders for a pizza party are £12 per hour.

Q: Can we erect a marquee to accommodate larger numbers?
A: We are an elegant, intimate wedding venue therefore we don’t offer marquees.

Q: We have less than 40 people, is the package cheaper?
A: The package is for between 22 and 40 people and is a fixed price

Q: Is there accommodation for our extra guests?
A: Yes. There are eight bedrooms in the house that are yours for three nights, for your closest family and friends. In addition to this, there is a good choice of quality accommodation in the small Market Town of Hawick. This is only 2 1/2 miles up the road. We can advise you on this and help with arrangements, including taxis or a minibus.

Q: Can we arrive earlier on the first day?
A: Yes, you can arrive at 2.30pm, rather than the usual 4pm. Please don’t arrive any earlier as we want to have the house set up perfectly for you. Your departure time is 10 am on the last morning of your stay.

Q: Can each guest choose their own selection from the food menu?
A: We ask you to choose two meal options for your wedding party to choose from. Of course, we can accommodate special dietary requests in addition to this.

Q: Can we ask everyone back for a BBQ on the day after the wedding?
A: Yes! The day after the wedding is a self managed, self catering day, unless you wish to add on extra catering. If you just have this day for the people staying at the house, all of the facilities provided are included. If you wish to have all of your wedding day guests back to visit, you can. For this, there is a usage facility fee. We charge £350 for 40 people in total, £500 for 60. ( these numbers included the house residents too. Let us know what you want. We can organise the food for you at an additional charge or you can have fun cooking in the BBQ hut and Pizza oven. You can do the clean up after or we can arrange cleaners.

Q: A friend is making our wedding cake. Is there an alternative?
A: Yes, we can upgrade your cheese platter to a ‘cheese stacked 3 tier, mock wedding cake’. We can also offer this at an additional cost of £80

Q: What other costs should I think about above the package price?
A: Fee to your celebrant, drinks, additional accommodation and if you require extra people, personal flowers, entertainers, pianist, piper, babysitters, next day BBQ facility fee. If needed, we can help you organise these things.

Q: Can we set off fireworks or Chinese lanterns?
A: Sorry, no we live in an agricultural area and have outdoor animals.